Temporary & Contract Staffing

For more than 10 years, OM Careers has provided businesses with solutions for their Temporary & Contract Staffing needs. We work with some of the most premier brands around the world, including as well as small to mid-sized corporations full of growth potential.

Service Offerings:
Recruitment Support
Seamless Migration
Structured On-boarding
Associate Training
Payroll Management
Rewards & Recognition

Transition Services:
We’ve recently instituted a team of experts who consult clients keen on changing their current vendor. We administer a series of measures to ensure we transition the customer from their existing vendor to us with minimum impact to business, lesser time and with minimum wastage of resources and cost spent. We’ve developed this special program only towards Transitions. What do you get?

Scope Analysis
Existing Gap Analysis
Stakeholder Intervention/Program Administration
Technology Intervention
Contractual & Documentation Delivery
Governance & Compliance
Analytics & Dashboard Delivery
Account Management with Regular Statutory/Compliance updates

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Extended Services (Clients):
Payroll Management Services (Including On boarding, Management of Employees Provision Fund (EPF), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Professional Tax Assessments, Compliance to State & Central Laws, CLRA and Statutory Updates to clients on a real time basis)

Compliance Management Services
Technology Support
Employee Assessment
Skill Enhancement

Benefits to Candidates:
Provident Fund Administration
ESIC Linkup
Mediclaim Coverage
Management of: On boarding, Offer letter, ID Card, Pay slips, Employment certificates, Form 16 and Extension of Contract.

For more details, please mail to: director@omcareers.co.in